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Glass & Plastic Scratch Repair and Removal

Most SuperGlass locations are able to remove scratches, scuffs and stains from glass and acrylic without distortion.

Although glass has a higher tensile strength than steel, the surface can be scratched by objects made of metal, plastic, wood or glass. A scored surface can be repaired through our scratch removal process, restoring strength to the glass or acrylic.

Windshield wiper arcs, as well as scratches in tempered glass (such as the windows of buildings) can be removed quickly and safely, and to your 100% satisfaction.

This process is also environmentally friendly as the replaced glass is not often recycled, and the glass manufacturing process creates the following environmental impact:

1 windshield's manufacture requires 156 gallons of water, 1.5 million BTU's of energy, and creates 52 pounds of carbon emissions!

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