Mobile windshield repair vehicles – it’s about a professional image

Any time a company delivers a product or service to a customer’s home or workplace, the company vehicle makes the very first impression.  I know when my cable guy showed up in an unmarked pickup I was nervous about letting him into my house!  Anytime a professional technician of any kind expects a customer to respect his or her service, they should first make their vehicle and uniform respectable.

SuperGlass Windshield Repair is a nationwide chain of owner/operators who care about their customers and want them to recognize the professional manner in which they do business.  Every technician is in full uniform, with safety goggles, nitrile gloves and soft fender covers to protect your car’s finish.  It also means having clean, attractive equipment and a clean, attractive route vehicle.

The vast majority of SuperGlass repairs are done on-site at a customer’s location, so many of our techs are outfitted with custom graphics and signage on their vehicles, not only to attract more business but to let existing customers know that we think this windshield repair thing is serious business.    Even though they’re using different vehicles and graphic styles, SuperGlass vehicles have one thing in common: they are attractive and professional and make SuperGlass Windshield Repair look great!

Below is a collage of a few SuperGlass route vehicles from around the chain:

SuperGlass Vehicles

Some SuperVehicles

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