Earth Day Reminds us to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE (using windshield repair)

Earth Day, begun in 1969, is a global movement, and is celebrated in 175 countries around the world. Earth Day and Earth Month inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment and resources.  SuperGlass is inspired to help spread the word and help educate people about why REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE is an important concept.

As an automobile related industry, Windshield Repair is somewhat unique in that it is an industry that actually SAVES resources and energy, rather than consuming energy and resources. Repairing fits into the “Reuse & Recycle” concept by preventing unnecessary glass replacement every day.

Some stats on glass replacement that repair helps avoid:

1. 156 Gallons of water is used in manufacturing ONE 26 pound windshield.

2. 1,508,000 BTUs of energy is expended making that ONE windshield.

3. 52 pounds of carbon emissions are expelled into the atmosphere from ONE 26 pound windshield’s manufacture.

4. One windshield that’s replaced and not repaired adds 26 pounds of glass to landfills, which are already 12% to 15% glass.

Replacement happens an estimated 45,000 times a day, so that adds up to:

7,020,000 gallons of water used
67,860,000,000 BTUs of energy expended
2,340,000 pounds of carbon emissions released
1,170,000 pounds of glass added to landfills PER DAY!

When a repair saves that windshield, it’s good for all of us. 70% to 90% of these environmental and energy problems can be eliminated and prevented by repairing. Windshield Repair is a safe, emissions-free process that saves the original windshield, reducing demand for glass and reducing energy waste every day.   The original glass is saved, the demand for more glass production and energy consumption is reduced, and most importantly, the driver and passengers are more likely to be safe in case of an accident (for more info on safety and windshield repair click here and here).

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