What can we ALL do for the Earth in April (and the rest of the year)?

At SuperGlass, we think it’s important to take care of our planet.
Last week we talked a bit about how windshield repair saves energy,
but what else can we ALL do to help preserve the Earth’s natural resources?

1. Plant a tree!
2. Turn off your electric lights when you’re not using them.
3. Get water filter to keep plastic bottles out of landfills!
4. Keep your tires inflated! Obama wasn’t kidding, it saves gas!
5. Observe your watering day and don’t waste clean water!
6. Repair your damaged windshields! Don’t wait until you need a replacement!
7. Pick up some trash, don’t just leave it for the next person!
8. Switch your incandescent bulbs to fluorescent or LED bulbs!
9. Use public transportation if you can!
10. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
11. Make your commute more geographically efficient!
12. Remove scratches from glass instead of replacing it!

Repair IS Recycle!

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