SuperGlass Great-Lock Available Now in Two Formulas

Since SuperGlass is all about bonding, we decided to apply our resources to one of the most common bonding issues every day- threaded fasteners.

Threaded fasteners in various forms have been in use for over 1,000 years. As the contact between today’s metal threads can be as little as 15%, they can easily loosen due to temperature change and vibration. The original thread locking fluid was invented by American professor Vernon Krieble in 1953.

Threadlocker BlueThreadlocker Red

Great-Lock is the new thread locking fluid developed by SuperGlass. It is available in Permanent Strength, colored red to adhere to the industry standard color coding, and cannot be removed once applied (at least without a blowtorch ;)). The Removable Strength version, colored blue, can be removed when needed.

Great-Lock is a single component fluid, used to prevent movement of threaded parts, like screws and bolts. It also seals against leakage, and prevents rust from forming on threads. It is anaerobic, which means that it flows in the presence of air, but when applied to threads and sealed, it polymerizes and hardens. It cures without shrinking or cracking and can be applied before or after assembly, depending on the need.

Great-Lock meets applicable military specifications, and offers superior bonding, at about half the price you would pay for the leading thread locker.

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