Do Insurance Companies Want Out Of Glass Coverage?

When insurance companies first began insuring cars and including the windshield in their coverage, the glass was not a safety feature, the installation process was simple and quick, and the windshield cost was only about $100.

Now, the glass provides a number of safety features, the installation is complicated and time consuming, and windshields can cost from $400 to over $1000 for standard cars and trucks. Add the facts that there is now tremendous liability potential for improper installation, and the windshield features are getting more complicated and expensive, and you can see why insurance companies are not enjoying their glass claims experiences.

Legislation that has been introduced in a dozen states that would limit the control of networks add to the bad publicity and aggravation of processing glass claims.

Florida, where I live, is a non-deductible state. This means that most policy holders in Florida have had the choice of a free repair or a free replacement when their glass is damaged. When my renewal came last year it had a $350.00 deductible for comprehensive. When I called about it I was told it was mandatory and that a zero deductible was not an option. When I mentioned to the CSR that the deductible was the same amount as the cost of my windshield, she replied, “What a coincidence”. Recently when my new policy came the deductible had been raised to $500.00!

Higher deductibles put the windshield out of the claims process and cause the policy holder to address their costs involved with the option of repair (at $50 – $70) or replacement (at $350 to $500+). We should all hope this will drive more consumers to windshield repair and safer vehicles, less glass in landfills, and more money in their pockets.

3 Questions About Windshield Repair…

Why does glass damage spread over time?

Why repair your windshield instead of replacing it?

Why use SuperGlass Windshield Repair as your repair specialist?

All these questions and more, answered in our 5 minute video above.  Find out why we feel so passionate about saving the windshield’s original factory seal, and why you should too.

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What can we ALL do for the Earth in April (and the rest of the year)?

At SuperGlass, we think it’s important to take care of our planet.
Last week we talked a bit about how windshield repair saves energy,
but what else can we ALL do to help preserve the Earth’s natural resources?

1. Plant a tree!
2. Turn off your electric lights when you’re not using them.
3. Get water filter to keep plastic bottles out of landfills!
4. Keep your tires inflated! Obama wasn’t kidding, it saves gas!
5. Observe your watering day and don’t waste clean water!
6. Repair your damaged windshields! Don’t wait until you need a replacement!
7. Pick up some trash, don’t just leave it for the next person!
8. Switch your incandescent bulbs to fluorescent or LED bulbs!
9. Use public transportation if you can!
10. Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
11. Make your commute more geographically efficient!
12. Remove scratches from glass instead of replacing it!

Repair IS Recycle!

Earth Day Reminds us to REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE (using windshield repair)

Earth Day, begun in 1969, is a global movement, and is celebrated in 175 countries around the world. Earth Day and Earth Month inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment and resources.  SuperGlass is inspired to help spread the word and help educate people about why REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE is an important concept.

As an automobile related industry, Windshield Repair is somewhat unique in that it is an industry that actually SAVES resources and energy, rather than consuming energy and resources. Repairing fits into the “Reuse & Recycle” concept by preventing unnecessary glass replacement every day.

Some stats on glass replacement that repair helps avoid:

1. 156 Gallons of water is used in manufacturing ONE 26 pound windshield.

2. 1,508,000 BTUs of energy is expended making that ONE windshield.

3. 52 pounds of carbon emissions are expelled into the atmosphere from ONE 26 pound windshield’s manufacture.

4. One windshield that’s replaced and not repaired adds 26 pounds of glass to landfills, which are already 12% to 15% glass.

Replacement happens an estimated 45,000 times a day, so that adds up to:

7,020,000 gallons of water used
67,860,000,000 BTUs of energy expended
2,340,000 pounds of carbon emissions released
1,170,000 pounds of glass added to landfills PER DAY!

When a repair saves that windshield, it’s good for all of us. 70% to 90% of these environmental and energy problems can be eliminated and prevented by repairing. Windshield Repair is a safe, emissions-free process that saves the original windshield, reducing demand for glass and reducing energy waste every day.   The original glass is saved, the demand for more glass production and energy consumption is reduced, and most importantly, the driver and passengers are more likely to be safe in case of an accident (for more info on safety and windshield repair click here and here).

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Mobile windshield repair vehicles – it’s about a professional image

Any time a company delivers a product or service to a customer’s home or workplace, the company vehicle makes the very first impression.  I know when my cable guy showed up in an unmarked pickup I was nervous about letting him into my house!  Anytime a professional technician of any kind expects a customer to respect his or her service, they should first make their vehicle and uniform respectable.

SuperGlass Windshield Repair is a nationwide chain of owner/operators who care about their customers and want them to recognize the professional manner in which they do business.  Every technician is in full uniform, with safety goggles, nitrile gloves and soft fender covers to protect your car’s finish.  It also means having clean, attractive equipment and a clean, attractive route vehicle.

The vast majority of SuperGlass repairs are done on-site at a customer’s location, so many of our techs are outfitted with custom graphics and signage on their vehicles, not only to attract more business but to let existing customers know that we think this windshield repair thing is serious business.    Even though they’re using different vehicles and graphic styles, SuperGlass vehicles have one thing in common: they are attractive and professional and make SuperGlass Windshield Repair look great!

Below is a collage of a few SuperGlass route vehicles from around the chain:

SuperGlass Vehicles

Some SuperVehicles

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More about auto glass safety and improper windshield replacement

We’ve mentioned how windshield repair is more than a money saver in our first blog post, and one reason is due to the safety functions of the windshield and factory seal. Here’s some more to think about…

The Urethane Seal that keeps your windshield in your vehicle creates a bond so strong that the vehicle designers use it to help hold the roof up. Glass is very strong and much lighter than steel, so since the 70’s auto companies have used more glass and less steel to help support the roof. The upside is increased gas mileage, but the downside is that in the case of a roll over accident, the roof is much weaker if the urethane seal is compromised. It is very difficult to replicate the factory seal and oftentimes a replaced windshield will be ejected in an accident, allowing the roof to crush an occupant! It is much more unlikely for an original factory seal to fail, so it is always safest to keep the original windshield if possible by using windshield repair.

Another major reason to keep the original seal is the passenger side airbag. The way modern airbags work is to deflect off of the windshield before inflating toward the passenger- if the urethane seal is weak or compromised, this can actually EJECT the windshield, eliminating multiple safety functions and increasing the likelihood of injury or fatality in an accident.

All of these dangers can be prevented or reduced by using windshield repair.

For more information on the dangers of improper windshield replacement, please visit this link at NGA responds to 20/20 article about improper windshield replacement

Repair, don’t Replace, for the Environment!

Windshield Repair as a process has been around a long time, and most people know it saves you money and time. What a lot of people don’t realize is that it is very good for the environment and saving energy!

One windshield weighs approximately 26 pounds. To make that one windshield, 156 gallons of water are used, and 52 pounds of carbon emissions are created.

Americans put 11 million tons of glass into landfills each year, and it takes 1 million years for glass to decompose!

Every time we repair a windshield instead of replacing and discarding it into a landfill (windshields are usually not recycled do to the cost and energy waste), we save energy, water, and landfill space. The transportation of glass is costly also, because of its weight it uses more gasoline to transport it!

Why Use Windshield Repair?

This is in addition to the more evident reasons to repair, such as retaining the factory seal and the integrity of the vehicle’s roof strength in a rollover accident, avoiding any potential leaks of air or water, and for vehicles with a passenger side airbag, the passenger’s life could be saved by a good windshield seal.

All these reasons make it a no brainer, repair your windshield if you can!

Real Windshield Repair Before and After
(Real repair performed by Steve Puls, Rockford IL during his training week in Orlando)

Windshield Repair: Just a money saver?

Most people assume that motorists repair their windshield simply to save money.

While it’s true that repair is generally about 10% of the cost of a windshield replacement, there are other compelling reasons to repair, rather than replace, stone damaged glass.

1. Safety – Today’s cars rely on the glass to provide major support to the roof in the case of a rollover accident. If the glass pops out the roof can more easily collapse. Retaining the original factory seal of the glass to the steel will ensure that performance.

2. Down Time: A windshield repair takes about 30 minutes and the car is ready to go immediately. With most replacements there is a cure time for urethane that will cause the car to sit for up to 8 hours.

3. Environment – Not only are most windshields dumped into the local landfills but, the manufacturing process is pollution heavy for the amount of product produced. For example; To manufacture one pound of glass will generate two pounds of Carbon Emissions, require six gallons of water in the process and use about 377,000 btu of energy. Repair helps avoid all that.

4. Cost: Windshield repair is about 10% of the replacement cost and insurance claims will eventually increase your policy rates. Most insurance companies will waive dedctible for repair but, many consumers elect to pay the $50 to $70 cost of repair themselves.