Do Insurance Companies Want Out Of Glass Coverage?

When insurance companies first began insuring cars and including the windshield in their coverage, the glass was not a safety feature, the installation process was simple and quick, and the windshield cost was only about $100.

Now, the glass provides a number of safety features, the installation is complicated and time consuming, and windshields can cost from $400 to over $1000 for standard cars and trucks. Add the facts that there is now tremendous liability potential for improper installation, and the windshield features are getting more complicated and expensive, and you can see why insurance companies are not enjoying their glass claims experiences.

Legislation that has been introduced in a dozen states that would limit the control of networks add to the bad publicity and aggravation of processing glass claims.

Florida, where I live, is a non-deductible state. This means that most policy holders in Florida have had the choice of a free repair or a free replacement when their glass is damaged. When my renewal came last year it had a $350.00 deductible for comprehensive. When I called about it I was told it was mandatory and that a zero deductible was not an option. When I mentioned to the CSR that the deductible was the same amount as the cost of my windshield, she replied, “What a coincidence”. Recently when my new policy came the deductible had been raised to $500.00!

Higher deductibles put the windshield out of the claims process and cause the policy holder to address their costs involved with the option of repair (at $50 – $70) or replacement (at $350 to $500+). We should all hope this will drive more consumers to windshield repair and safer vehicles, less glass in landfills, and more money in their pockets.