New metal coating stops rust, seals & primes

A coating developed by SuperGlass eliminates existing rust, seals the metal where the rust was and primes the surface for paint or other coatings. It can be painted over or left as a final coating. The result is that the rust is stopped and the surface is smooth, durable and rust proof.

The coating is water based, very safe and easy to use. The coating can be painted or sprayed on the surface to be treated and it dries to the touch in about twenty minutes. The product, and/or the service could be valued by our existing customers as well as other types of companies.

Potential uses include rust on vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, chains or anything metal with existing rust. The coating turns the rust area smooth and changes color to black after application. It can be spray painted, brush painted or left alone to continue to protect against further rusting.

As of press time the name of the product is simply “xxRust”. A more descriptive name will be assigned to the coating as packaging and labels are designed.

Rusty Chain treated with

The lower section of chain in the image above was lightly brushed with a wire brush, coated with xxRust and allowed to dry for 20 minutes. The rust is stopped and will grow no further and the surface is protected and ready to paint if desired. Common applications would be; vehicles (especially big trucks), storage tanks, highway signs & posts, boats, snow removal equipment, water & gas pipes, home touch-up, agricultural equipment, floor grates, guard rails, waste disposal containers and any other metal object that has the potential to rust.

At this time the product is exclusive to SuperGlass for commercial applications.