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"This is one of the best things I have ever done! We love the change in our quality of life, and are amazed at how well this business has taken off." - Keith, Bakersfield, California

"SuperGlass headquarters keeps us on top with continuing development of new tools and resins that make my repairs the best in the industry." - Ron, Houston, Texas

"We have been franchisees for over 20 years and I can still get appointments made for new business with a phone call to headquarters." - Judy, Durango, Colorado

Windshield Repair Business Franchises

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Windshield repair is a dynamic business franchise opportunity with a thirty year history of servicing the commercial and insurance industry for the repair of rock damaged and cracked windshields. The repair service offers a major savings to the customer at a fraction of the cost of replacement, ensures that the original factory seal will be preserved and offers the convenience of mobile service to the home or place of business.

The markets that are traditionally served by windshield repair are Commercial Fleets, Auto Dealerships, Rent A Car Companies, Insurance Companies and Individual Motorists. The pricing in these market segments can range from a low $20 per vehicle to a high of $100 per vehicle, depending on the volume and type of customer.

The overhead for the business can be kept very low when operated as a mobile service (the vast majority of repairs call for mobile service), using an address for collection of payments and correspondence and an answering service and mobile phone for customer communication.

When you start out with a franchise with SuperGlass Windshield Repair, you won't have to wonder if you have all the tools you need, if you are approaching the market correctly or if you can repair the damaged glass properly. You won't have to wonder if you'll have customers to service either.

SuperGlass incorporates the most comprehensive windshield repair training and franchise setup system in the industry to ensure that you start your business with everything you need, including uniforms, printed literature and solid commercial accounts.

During your first week of training at SuperGlass headquarters in Orlando Florida, you will learn every aspect of repairing damaged glass over a five day period in a laboratory setting. Your technical training will include all types of breaks, how to work with weather extremes and how to repair long cracks, as well as how to invoice customers, keep your books, use your filing system, create basic business records & reports, and how to properly present your product and service to a potential customer and how to retain those customers over the long term.

During your second week of training, which takes place in your exclusive market area, you will be accompanied by a SuperGlass representative who is an expert in presenting the service to customers and in the technical aspects of repair. Together you will attend pre-made appointments set up by the SuperGlass marketing department, with custom literature for each customer, to ensure you have accounts and are up and running the very first week.

We know that the success of our company depends on the success of our Franchisees, which is why ongoing support is our number one job every day. Talk to our Franchisees and find out why they value the Franchiser/Franchisee relationship from the first day in business. Whether you need technical advice, marketing assistance, unique tools of the trade or just to compare notes with the progress of over 260 Franchisees just like you, the staff of SuperGlass Windshield Repair will meet your needs promptly and professionally.

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