If you are tired of working longer and harder for the same paycheck each week, buying a SuperGlass Franchise just might be the business opportunity you've been waiting for. Each of our 350+ locations are locally owned and operated, giving you the opportunity to run your business on your own terms.  

Windshield repair is a dynamic business franchise opportunity with a thirty year history of servicing the commercial and insurance industry for the repair of rock damaged and cracked windshields. The repair service offers a major savings to the customer at a fraction of the cost of replacement, ensures that the original factory seal will be preserved and offers the convenience of mobile service to the home or place of business.

The markets that are traditionally served by windshield repair are Commercial Fleets, Auto Dealerships, Rent A Car Companies, Insurance Companies and Individual Motorists. The overhead for the business can be kept very low when operated as a mobile service (the vast majority of repairs call for mobile service), using an address for collection of payments and correspondence and an answering service and mobile phone for customer communication.

The staff of SuperGlass, with over 80 years of cumulative experience in the industry, understands that the success of the company is directly tied to the success of its Franchises. By owning a SuperGlass Franchise, you can finally be in control of your financial future.  Will you be the next SuperGlass success story? 

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Benefits of owning a SuperGlass franchise

Ready to be your own boss?

SuperGlass is consistently ranked a top franchise to buy under $50,000. Royalties are 4% and cost of materials around 3-5%.

Affordable franchise

You'll get to be your own boss, while inheriting the benefits of a well refined, proven business model that allows you to hit the ground running.

Be Your Own Boss

Since windshields are repaired at the customer's home or office, there is no need for a brick and mortar location, keeping overhead costs minimal.

Low Overhead costs

Since windshields are repaired at the customer's home or office, there is no need for a brick and mortar location, keeping overhead costs minimal.

Work from home

Schedule flexibility means greater work life balance. Enjoy the freedom of creating a schedule that works best for you and your family.

Make your own schedule

No prior automotive experience is needed to start a SuperGlass franchise. After your week long training in Orlando, you will have everything you need to get started.

unparalleled training and support

The cost of a SuperGlass Windshield Repair franchise generally depends on the population of the market and the number of people that will be trained and equipped. The larger the market, the more people that will eventually be needed to service the market. Here are some rough guidelines that we use to determine the franchise cost.  The pricing highlighted below includes all training, equipment, printing, uniforms, and a 3-day city setup, where a member from our corporate staff travels to your city, post training week, for marketing support.

The fixed overhead is very low. Since every windshield is repaired at the customer’s location, there is no need for a shop or building. The mailing address, the telephone and the liability insurance make up the fixed overhead of about $200 per month. The royalties are 6% and the cost of materials will be between 3% and 5%.

How much does a franchise cost?

Franchise investment

Training & Support

Franchisee Support

When you start out with a franchise with SuperGlass Windshield Repair, you won't have to wonder if you have all the tools you need, if you are approaching the market correctly or if you can repair the damaged glass properly. You won't have to wonder if you'll have customers to service either.  SuperGlass incorporates the most comprehensive windshield repair training and franchise setup system in the industry to ensure that you start your business with everything you need, including uniforms, printed literature and solid commercial accounts.

During your five day training at SuperGlass headquarters in Orlando Florida, you will learn every aspect of repairing damaged glass over a five day period in a laboratory setting. Your technical training will include all types of breaks, how to work with weather extremes and how to repair long cracks, as well as how to invoice customers, keep your books, use your filing system, create basic business records & reports, and how to properly present your product and service to a potential customer and how to retain those customers over the long term.

You learn customer presentations while appointments are made in your territory for the following week. These presentations will be for Auto Dealerships, Fleets, and where applicable, Auto Rental companies and Municipalities. There will be approximately 3-5 appointments per day during the Post Training Week. Once you are familiar with the marketing presentation process, and have seen the success in gaining customers, SuperGlass Headquarters will continue to make appointments for your franchise for as long as you are with the company.

Custom printed literature for face to face appointments, and full color postcard mailers will be created. A custom local SuperGlass website will be created and customized to reflect the exclusive area and the individual Franchisee.

We know that the success of our company depends on the success of our Franchisees, which is why ongoing support is our number one job every day. Talk to our Franchisees and find out why they value the Franchisor/Franchisee relationship from the first day in business. Whether you need technical advice, marketing assistance, unique tools of the trade or just to compare notes with the progress of over 300 Franchisees just like you, the staff of SuperGlass Windshield Repair will meet your needs promptly and professionally.

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